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Florida’s Technical and Marketing Manager receives AWARD OF EXCELLENCE. 

Randy Shane, Technical and Marketing Manager at Asphalt Paving Systems Florida Division, received one of the most prestigious awards given by the American Public Works Association (APWA)- The Award of Excellence. This award is presented to a service provider, vendor, contractor, sponsor or organization that has significantly promoted and supported the Florida APWA Chapter.

The Presenter of the award had this to say about Randy and APS before announcing he had won the award:

“This individual and employer are dynamically involved in the APWA Florida Chapter and West Coast Branch. The individual’s membership in the Florida Chapter exceeds 10 years and is one of the easily recognized at APWA events which include attendance to the annual EXPO, Florida Chapter quarterly meetings and branch meetings along with an outgoing and knowledgeable personality is easily rememberable. This individual/organization submits and/or invites professionals to participate in the annual technical sessions or workshops throughout the State AND is a driving force for the Florida Chapter and the Branch to be recognized with Award of Excellence.

Whether through staff leadership, conference and event attendance, sponsorships and presentations they have served the Florida APWA unconditionally.

They have shown their dedication to the APWA Florida Chapter by encouraging and supporting its employees to get fully involved with the APWA Florida Chapter Family. And yes, we are family.

Thank you for all your support, leadership and continued dedication to APWA.”

There is no one more deserving of this award and we are extremely lucky to have Randy in our APS family. Randy’s pursuit of quality and excellence throughout his career exemplifies and aligns perfectly with Asphalt Paving Systems shared commitment. Randy’s commitment to APS and his customers is admirable.

Congratulations Randy on this prestigious award, you deserve it!

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