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Produce & Supply Emulsions

Asphalt Paving Systems is an approved supplier of Asphalt Emulsions for the New Jersey DOT, New York DOT, Pennsylvania DOT, Delaware DOT, Maryland DOT, Georgia DOT and the Florida DOT (State work only in FL).

APS provides the following products for its clients:


Tack Coats

High Performance Trackless Tack
CRS-1P (For Spray Pavers)


Slurry Seal

Chip Seal

CRS-2N (for Road Patchers)

Fog Seals

Joint Bond (for centerline rumble strips-APS is the official distributor)
Parking Lot Sealing

Other Materials Available Upon Request


Pick-Up or Delivery Services Available

Tack Coat still1.png

Tack coats

Adherence to quality coupled with unwavering dependability has made APS the go to supplier for tack coats that increase bond strength, and therefore the life of the road.


APS currently supplies the majority of the tack coat used in the State of New Jersey and offer their superior products in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Florida.

Distr Rental 8072-275.jpg

Distributor Rental

The proper application of tack coat significantly improves the bond strength between asphalt layers. Asphalt Paving Systems offers state-of-the art asphalt distributers operated by highly trained and qualified staff.


Our service provides superior product, material knowledge, and construction experience.

Equip Rental 8072-287.jpg

Equipment rental

Asphalt Paving Systems takes pride in our world class equipment. We offer the most up-to-date, state-of-the art equipment with a focus on quality of service. Our skilled crews provide years of experience, equipment, and construction knowledge, and are driven by excellence.

Equipment rentals includes: Spray Paver, Pulverizer, Milling, Micro Milling


Hot mix asphalt

Our state-of-the-art asphalt plant in Zephyrhills, Florida produces the highest quality and most highly demanded asphalt mixes being used today by utilizing the latest technologies to produce a superior product.


Whether it’s for municipal work, large state project or private work, APS can produce the right asphalt product to meet our customers needs.

R and D 8072-234_edited.jpg

Research and development

Construction Testing Services is an AASHTO accredited laboratory specializing in the testing and analysis of emulsified asphalts, PG, and aggregates as well as performing shear and bond strength testing for tack coats.


Our highly proficient lab technicians are committed to performing quality research and testing while bringing innovations to the asphalt industry.

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