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microsurfacing &
High Performance slurry seal

Microsurfacing is the most effective pavement preservation technique used on roads that have started to show signs of aging, cracking, oxidation, and other minor distressing. 

By preparing the existing asphalt with crack seal and/or necessary base repairs, road owners can dramatically reduce reflective cracking and eliminate base failures caused by superficial moisture intrusion. 

This powerful pavement management tool gives road owners the ability to maintain their existing pavements at a higher level of service, for a longer period of time, at a lower cost! 

Life Extension: 
Single Application 5-8 years
Double Application 6-10 years
(Micro Pave Joint write-up coming shortly)


microsurfacing is used:

•  in multi-lane centerline joint maintenance.


•  to fill-in rumble strips for temporary lane shifts or for new



•  as an intermediate bonding course for HMA in slick                bleeding areas and on polished concrete aggregate.


•  on bridge decks without adding excessive aggregate            weights.


•  as a leveling course before other Asphalt treatments.


•  on Airport ramps and travel ways.


•  as a cost effective way to resurface parking lots.


•  to extend the life of any roadway.


​•  to reduce our carbon foot print in roadway construction,        lessening emissions during production and application.


Micro Pave Joints

Micro Paving Joints are the most economical repair for failed longitudinal joints in asphalt. Longitudinal joints are one of the leading causes of shortened pavement life. Tight lane closure restrictions coupled with increased traffic congestion leave no other option than cold joint construction. This causes the hot and cold paving lanes to inadequately bond to one another during construction. Due to the reduced strength of the joint, separation and delamination occur, leaving long stretches of roadway in an unsafe state of disrepair. 


Typically applied at 2-4 feet wide, the unique leveling capability of the micro pave joint repair fills the void in the failure area, as well as seals the joint on either side preventing future spalling.

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