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Construction Testing Services (CTS) Begins Research Using Denimo Tech Lab Mill.

During the week of February 14, 2022, a DenimoTech technician and representatives from Nouryon were onsite at the Construction Testing Services laboratory for in-depth research using the new CTS Lab Mill, the DenimoTech DEP-0.3R. DenimoTech provided a detailed training session to CTS personnel on how to efficiently use the new lab mill for daily testing as well as future planned research projects. Nouryon was able to supply CTS with a handful of different emulsifiers to aid in the production of CQS-1HP using the new DEP-0.3R. CTS and Nouryon Technicians were then able to then use the lab mill produced CQS-1HP emulsion for various mix design applications for Asphalt Paving Systems. This collaborative project between CTS, APS, DenimoTech, and Nouryon was an important step forward in the continued advancement in the laboratory testing capabilities of Construction Testing Services. Special thanks to all involved. Looking forward to future research.

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