Pavement Preservation.

​Full Depth Reclamation

Subbase Stabilization. 

​Lehighton, PA

​Asphalt Paving Systems, Inc. is dedicated to offering a full range of state-of-the-art pavement solutions to preserve, reclaim, rehabilitate, and maintain pavements at any stage.

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Asphalt Paving Systems, inc Microsurfacing

​Tampa, FL

Main Office

​Hammonton, NJ

Emulsion Plant

​Hammonton, NJ



Green and less expensive pavement tool.

Asphalt Paving Systems is a strong construction company with 5 locations:

  • Hammonton, NJ
  • Lehighton, PA
  • Middle Island, NY
  • Tampa, FL
  • ​Cocoa Beach, FL

​We offer a wide range of construction services as well as a quality line of asphalt emulsion products.