Green and less expensive pavement tool.

Gradation         Depth Min.          Yield Range

Type A 1/4"        3/8 in.         45 to 65 lbs/sy

Type B 3/8"        5/8 In.         55 to 75 lbs/sy

Type C 1/2"        3/4 in.         65 to 85 lbs/sy

Life Extension: 8 - 10 years

Ultra Thin Overlay

Ultra Thin Overlay is a high-performance surface course over either asphalt or concrete pavements. The one-pass construction process consists of a heavy application of polymer modified asphalt emulsion membrane followed by an ultra thin HMA, both placed by a single machine. The thick polymer membrane seals and protects the surface and provides superior bonding of the ultra thin mix to the pavement.

Ultra Thin Overlay Asphalt:

  • Specific dense grade asphalt mix
  • High quality aggregate
  • Mixes typically place 3/4" to 1" thick
  • Polymer modified binders
  • Minimal loss of curb reveal
  • Traffic can be returned to normal quickly
  • Maintain overhead clearances


Pavement Preservation.

​Full Depth Reclamation

Subbase Stabilization. 

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