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Any cost effective road maintenance program should include the ability to apply a durable, skid resistant, rapid setting surface that will minimize traffic delays during construction. Microsurfacing is the solution for increased deterioration due to heavier loads and volumes found on today's roads. Pavement Maintenance programs are influenced by many factors including: traffic safety (both during construction and with the finished product), budget constraints, energy costs, and conservation of raw materials. Microsurfacing is an emulsified asphalt paving system that addresses these concerns with advantages of cost, versatility, performance, and speed of application. Microsurfacing can be used for preparation work such as rut filling and leveling, as well as the wearing surface. It has successfully been applied over

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bituminous concrete, milled surfaces, chip surfaces (oil & stone), brick or stone pavers, and portland cement concrete. Applications may include parking lots to any facet of a roadway network from development streets to interstate highways.

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Micro is used in multi lane centerline joint maintenance.

Micro is used as an intermediate bonding course for  HMA in slick bleeding areas and on polished concrete aggregate.  

Micro can be used on bridge decks without adding excessive aggregate weights.

Micro has been used on Airport ramps and traveled ways.

Micro is a cost effective way to resurface parking lots.

Micro-surfacing reduces our carbon foot print in roadway construction, less emissions to produce and apply.

New Jersey State Contract for MICRO-SURFACING
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Asphalt Paving Systems has the New Jersey statewide contract for Micro-Surfacing.

 This Contract is available for all Municipalities, School Districts and Non-Profit Organizations to use.

 You do not have to bid for items on this contract. You do not have to develop designs.

 You do not have to write standard specifications.

 You just call to schedule the Micro-Surfacing work at a state bid low price.
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