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​Full Depth Reclamation

Subbase Stabilization. 

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Full Depth Reclamation

Full depth reclamation is a simple, quick and economical method for constructing a new homogenous stabilized base. Full depth reclamation 6"-12" depth is the mixing of the existing asphalt surfaces course as well as the underlying base or subbase materials with a stabilizing agent to produce a stabilized base course. This process is recommended for existing pavement sections that have insufficient base or subbase to support increasing traffic loads, or undesirable grade and cross slope. Depending on the existing materials, stabilizing agents could be asphalt emulsion, lime or portland cement. Virgin aggregate or RAP can be added to meet gradation requirements. The steps normally involved in this process include: pulverization of the existing surface course including blending it into the base material, excavation & profiling to the desired grade and slope, stabilization with the recommended additives, fine grading and profiling of a new surface course. Full depth reclamation is a high production, low cost reconstruction alternative whose benefits include resistance to water and frost damage, improved ride quality, increased structural strength, elimination of disposal costs, conservation and recycling of raw materials and energy.​