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​Full Depth Reclamation

Subbase Stabilization. 

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​Cold-in-Place Recycling

A deteriorated surface on your roadway may indicate a deeper problem. A structurally inadequate bituminous base that can no longer handle today's traffic loads. Conventional reconstruction techniques would dictate the removal of the existing bituminous material and replacement with a new bituminous base and surface course. An alternative to remove and replace is cold-in-place recycling. The recycling and reuse of that existing bituminous material is a simple but effective tool for maintaining and upgrading your roads. The cold in place recycling process involves milling 3"-5" depth of existing asphalt material and sizing of the existing aggregate, blending with a new binder and/or virgin aggregate, placement and compaction of this "new" bituminous base course to the desired grade, slope and profile. This is all accomplished with a single pass equipment train. The benefits of cold in place recycling include substantial cost savings, conservation and recycling of natural resources such as asphalt binder, energy and aggregates, and reduced user delays. Applications include existing roads that may be rutted, fatigued, failing, potholed,  trenched from utility work, or an undesirable existing grade or profile. Cold in Place Recycling is a 50% cost savings over reconstruction or mill and fill practices. Cold in Place Recycling as a green process can generate an 80% green savings over conventional practices​.


Pavement Preservation.